I figure I’d try this list of 52 challenges in 2014 – Taking inspiration from Lady Kell’s 52 things in 52 Weeks as well as Lifehacker’s post. I figured it gives me a reason to do things, instead of simply wasting my life in front of a screen or a book, I can now mark off that I have read, watched or played something on a list on the internet, and feel like I’ve accomplished something! I have no idea if I’ll complete any of these, but it sounds like fun so figured I’d try it… at the very least I’ll do my best to update this blog…

So about me…. I’m Matt 23, with a BA in History, and a job putting ink cartridges together – which as you can probably guess really didn’t require the degree, and is incredibly boring.

I love the outdoors, and outdoors sports, including endurance running, cycling and rock climbing, aswell as indoor sports such as squash and indoor wall climbing – none of which I am any good at it, but immensely enjoy! I am also a keen skier, and love extreme sports – I have been skydiving and white water rafting and would give anything to go again!  Music wise, I listen to anything really, your as likely to find me listening to Green Day as Tchaikovsky- though some of my favourite bands are Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, Rise Against and Pendulum. I love music festivals, having been to Reading and Download several times, and looking to go again this year. I’m not quite sure where my life is going to take me – but I know I want to travel the world, I want to dive the Great Barrier Reef, hike to Maccu Piccu, see the Nazcar lines in person, see America – from New York to the Deep South – and camp out in the desert, away from all natural light – and lie back and see the galaxy passing by – see all the wonders of the universe without the light pollution.

Anyway… Guess its time to see how many of 52 things I can actually do this year….


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