15in15: The List

As my many failures in my original list, found here, and subsequently explained here… 52 challenges is a lot. Too many, in fact.. So here is a revised list, of new challenges for this year… 15in15

  1. Continue with the saving goals set out in 2014.
  2. Apply for at least one job a month, in attempt to start career, even if it doesn’t seem it will happen, there’s no harm in sending in an application! (0/12)
  3. Get fit in preparation for the Nuts Challenge in March, Tough Mudder London West in May, and Tough Mudder London South in September. (Take photos/keep diary to show progress?)
  4. Beat the targets reached last year
  5. Drink less on nights out to make less of a fool of yourself. My birthday is the exception as I will be 25, and a milestone like that is an excuse to get wasted 😛
  6. Book a trainee diving experience in the summer in order to prepare for a potential diving holiday later this year
  7. Read the books from the 52in14 list – or at least 3 of them!
  8. Do weekly water changes on Fish Tank, and Monthly Filter Cleans – exception if away for a week or more, do a major water change before leaving and on return (0/52) (0/12)
  9. Cut down on shit food
  10. Try to meet with friends socially at least once a month
  11. Complete Season 2 and 3 of Zombies, Run!
  12. Watch at least 24 films at the cinema using Unlimited Card to make the most of membership (3/24)
  13. Pay off debt, don’t let it get so high again!
  14. Begin saving to move out
  15. Properly try on-line dating

Pretty straightforward, you would think… but some extra explanation… #1 is pretty straightforward, and directly links to 13 and 14, and in a way, #2. I intend to save up this year regardless of finding another job – if I find another job that pays better, than no doubt I will put a larger percentage of my earnings into my savings, but if not, the current saving goals are both doable, and realistic – I am putting an additional £50 a week into my savings at current – it is easy enough to increase this number if I find a new job. The more I save, the more realistic #13 and #14 become.

Similarly, #2 is pretty integral – I have no idea if I will even find one job each month that I am able to apply to, but the more I apply for, the bigger chance I will have at actually getting a decent job, a decent wage, a career, and I get closer to my eventual goal of moving out, and having my life somewhat on track!

#3 and 4 directly follow on from last year. The one problem I found with training in 2014 was the big gap between events, and in turn the lack of motivation. It’s a similar thing to tackling an essay at university. No matter how much you are sure you will write it as soon as you see the essay questions, in the first week of term, despite all the promises you make to yourself, it never really happens… It’s only in the last week, when the pressure is building, that I found myself able to write the essays. It’s similar with training – if I was only running Tough Mudder in September, then I’d find it hard to motivate myself now. Skiing at the end of the month, running the Nuts Challenge in March, and Tough Mudder in May and September should hopefully give me enough motivation to train throughout the year. If nothing else it should mean I achieve #4 – beating the total distance I have run in 2014! I intend to use the Zombies, Run! app to do so, so serious inroads to #11 should be made as well!

#5 May just be a sign of old age – I am nearly twenty-five, and it’s definitely time to start acting a little more grown up, and making less of a fool of myself when I’m really drunk. I don’t intend to stop drinking, not at all – but I do want to remember my nights out. Paying between twenty and thirty pounds to see a gig, plus the same in travel, that you don’t remember because you spent even more on alcohol is a bit of a downer… As is making a fool of yourself in front of people you barely know. A little more self-control is not a bad thing!

#6 Is quite straightforward, and directly tied to a challenge from last year, and my intention to go on a proper diving holiday – though as Alex quite rightly pointed out, if you get out there and hate it, then you would have wasted a lot of money. By booking myself on a tester day, for only 30 quid or thereabouts, if I don’t like Scuba, then I am saving a lot of money. If I do, it gives me first-hand experience of what to expect, and one way or another will cement my decision on going on a diving holiday!

#7 is again straightforward. The books listed on my list for 2014 that I purchased in 2013 and never finished are all good books (or are critically acclaimed at least) and once I have finished my current book, I fully intend to start one of those listed. I hope to read at least three of them this year. If I hit them straight away, not picking up any other book between, this should be an easy challenge. Famous last words, eh!

#8 is something I really should have included in the 2014 list. It is not a hard challenge to complete, at least in theory – it should be something I am doing weekly anyway. I have challenged myself to do it so I have another reason to ensure I do. I don’t want to lose any fish this year because I have slacked on changing the water or cleaning the filters.

#9 Cut down on shit food. Rather vague sounding, I know, but what this essential means is if I feel the craving for a midnight snack, instead of several crackers and pate, or a load of biscuits, have a banana. Instead of having a packet of peanuts, or crisps, as soon as I get to the pub, have something healthier. Don’t always have takeaway food every Friday night at work. Once in a while is not a bad thing, but every week is a bit extreme, try some healthy alternatives!

#10 – This is another repeat from last year, and it actually seemed to work, so hopefully doing it again should give similar results!

#11 – Complete Season 2 and 3 of Zombies Run! See #1 above

#12 – Again, a repeat from last year. But I do want to get the most of my money, and using my card twice a month ensures I do. I’m not off to a bad start so far, I have seen Paddington, Birdman, and Big Hero 6 in the past weekend – which means in the first week of the year I’m already 3/24 – or 8% there!

#13 & 14 – see #1 above

#15 – This is a pretty straightforward task. I have used apps like tindr etc in the past, and am on a few sites with an incredibly basic profile. Maybe if I put in some effort into a profile I may actually be able to get somewhere…

So that’s the Challenges for 2015… 15 should be a lot simpler! I intend semi-regular updates, guess it depends on anything notable happening along the way! Either later today or tomorrow I’ll do a few posts of my Best and Worsts of 2014; be they film, video, or TV, so until then, wish my luck!

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