Update Nine

Nine weeks gone, this year is flying by! Notably events this week, include my 24th birthday, and the Nuts Challenge… which happened to coincide…

So the majority of my challenges remain unaffected by a week in which very little was achieved. My saving goals are continuing steadily, and I am slowly working off my debt… Slowly being the operative word – but it is dwindling steadily as my savings slowly increase.

I am still to get back into the swing of the several movie reviews I need to write – and whilst the corresponding challenge only requires a minimum of a paragraph, I think this is a kind of cop out really – the movies I need to review have all been reasonably entertaining, with the addition of The Monuments Men which I saw this week – that also had the benefit of seeing whilst on a date, leaving only four more dates to go on throughout the year until that challenge is done.

TV wise I have been slacking with Doctor Who – I am still on the second series, and haven’t really progressed, instead I have been binge-watching Californication and Adventure Time, two otherwise brilliant TV shows, with the only drawback being they are not on the list!

I failed the same challenge as last month, in that I have not learnt any recipes or cooked any new food this month, though I hope this will change this month… Perhaps I should have said cook 12 new recipes throughout the year, instead of one per month… On another note, now its March I am determined to finish my fizzy drink challenge, having slipped the last few months – only once in each month, but I want to go a full month without, and am determined to do so in March! Eating healthily is continuing, I have lost another pound or two this week, although I admit to having a bit of unhealthy food yesterday and today, following the Nuts Challenge I think I earned a pass!

Fitness wise, I have kept up the running rather nicely, in fact the distance was nearly double my weekly target of ten miles, in that I did two runs of 3.5-4 miles, and then the Nuts Challenge this Sunday, which was ridiculous. It was really good fun, but a single lap would have been another – completing 14k in 4 hours, 3 minutes, sounds pretty rubbish – its a third the length of a full marathon and the average person will do a full marathon in around that… But considering the constant obstacles, constant mud, cold, and wind, I am proud of the time – particularly given that the second lap was sheer willpower! Once the official pictures are up, I’ll see if I can post them, to show my suffering!

On the video game front I completed my first 3DS game, Pokemon X, and am close to completing Mario, so can tick 1 game of the 7 new games I have bought myself this year. Whilst I did get a new game for my birthday, I’m not sure if it counts towards that total as I did not purchase it myself! I did pre-order Yoshi’s New Island however, so the 7 has increased to 8 regardless!

The lack of progress on the guitar and french should be pretty expected by now, so I won’t really go into that one, but I will leave you with a selfie of my hair after the nuts challenge, showing the sheer amount of mud caked in… It’s not gel, it is mud!

Till next time…


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