Update Eight

Eight weeks down, forty four to go…

So another week with no reviews or other postings, definite slacking… So what progress did I make this week? A little…

I read a few more chapters of The Redbreast, but didn’t get much further than that. I have progressed slightly further with the same reviews from last week, but haven’t really gotten that much farther. I have rewatched The Lego Movie and Wolf Of Wall Street, and saw Robocop last night, so will have reviews of those up eventually…

In the world of TV I finished watching Young Justice, and just as I predicted, became incredibly depressed and annoyed at its premature cancellation. I have now moved onto the new Doctor Who, and have reached the middle of the Second series. Slowly getting through them.

Eating healthily is going good, no fast food or any crap this week really. I did try a new food this week as well, in risotto, which it turns out I really like, having had a Sainsbury’s healthy meal option, I’ll definitely be looking it up next time I’m in a restaurant!

I’ve kept up with the running, having done 10.7 miles this week – actually made my target, which is nice! I kept the pace up for most of them, but the second of the three absolutely destroyed me… It’s the Nuts challenge this Sunday coming, so I have a lot of distance to make up on before Sunday… Something tells me that some runs of 3-4 miles won’t really prepare me for the 10 miles I’ll be doing, but its better than going in with no preparation at all!

My finances are slowly recovering still, the challenges still continuing reasonably unabated. I did have a slight PayPal issue, though luckily that was all sorted today. I also got a kind of promotion at work, which comes with a small payrise, which will definitely help! I did purchase a few more games for my 3DS, and pre-ordered Titanfall, so have even more games to complete now. I only have one level to finish on one of them, so I will play that now, and see if I can finish that before tonight, at least that way I’ll have crossed one off a list that seems to be getting far too long….

There’s not really any other progress on the guitar or French, so let’s keep this short and sweet and move onto the selfie, and sign off…


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