Update Seven…

Seven weeks in, and I’m slacking somewhat…

So I haven’t posted in a week, which is pretty bad… I have 4 reviews half finished, and another to start, but I am yet to finish any of them… I have no defence for not posting anything either, I have just been feeling so lethargic after work that I immediately come home, have dinner, and climb into bed – then promptly fall asleep. Of course the sleep before midnight does result in my awakening around half past three for a few hours – it seems impossible to get anything more than about 4 or 5 hours straight. Anyway, on to the challenges…

Firstly reading – I am still behind, but I am literally about to pick up the Red Breast again, and hopefully will get hooked and rush to finish it before next week. Having said that for the last few weeks, however, who knows!

This week I finished Bones! Well caught up with it, as opposed to finished – I am now on the current season, which is pretty good – only taken me since the middle of December until Thursday to do! I have started Young Justice now, and almost finished the first season, and am already annoyed at its early cancellation, I only have another season left to enjoy now… I haven’t been to the cinema this week, though did rewatch Wolf of Walls Street, and watched Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and Knights of Badassdom, so reviews of those will be up at some point, along with the unfinished reviews for The Three Musketeers and The Lego Movie.

Eating healthily is still going reasonably ok, I’m keeping to my 5 a day recommendations, and trying to stick to food which is low in everything bad (keeping an eye out for low fat foods which have high sugar content etc)

I’ve actually got off my arse and been for a run! Two runs in fact! I know, about bloody time… So I’m now a 52th towards my goal, in having precisely 10 miles run so far this year, so definitely some way to go yet. As always, however, when one goes up, one goes down – and I’ve only done one lot of press ups/sit ups this week. Definite slacking, but see above as to why – namely falling asleep when getting home! Still, with only two weeks to the Nuts Challenge I need to pull my finger out!

My finances were looking good for a moment, the weekly challenges continuing, and debt reducing – that is until I invested in a couple of pre-orders for games (The Elder Scrolls Online and Thief) which come out at the end of February and beginning of April respectively. I also bought Morrowind, for £3, and Space Trader: Merchant Marine for 35p – the latter of which I have almost completed. I did buy myself an early birthday present in the form of a Nintendo 3DS XL, which will no doubt keep me out of mischief for a while. In any sense, the games above, along with Splinter Cell, all need to be finished to complete my challenges, so hopefully I’ll manage to do that at some point soon.

There is little progress on the French or guitar… Though my guide to French should be with me soon, and I will pick up the guitar soon, if only to learn a few chords, else I’ll never complete these damn challenges.

That’s it for now, bed time…. The obligatory selfie is below, as always, apologies for the unphotogenicness


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