Update Six

I apologise for the delay – this should have been posted yesterday night, but I was playing the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online and chatting to people, and lost track of time! Without further ado, Week 6, where very little has been achieved….

My finance challenges, continuing steadily, even if my bank balance is still looking rather dire. I failed another challenge in making February a month without fizzy drinks, after getting 7up with a KFC yesterday, and not realising till I drunk it. I was definitely on autopilot – I blame Ash, as he’s been there every time I have broken this one, so I’ll try to keep that as the second time this year, and do March as a clean month.

Exercise wise, I played squash twice, and very nearly beat Alex in one game, he beat me 7-9 which is the best score I’ve got against anyone so far. Things are slightly improving there, I’m glad to say! I am still slacking on running – something that is definitely going to have change this week given the realisation that the Nuts Challenge is in 3 weeks, and I’ve done nothing to prepare for it, bar sit ups and push up – both of which I’ve slacked on again this week. Definitely time to get my ass in gear there!

Eating healthily is kinda working – bar a KFC, though this week may go down hill as I accidentally bought the wrong type of ready meals for lunch, the ones I got weren’t the healthy ones, instead of being green and yellow on the traffic lights, they’re all in red – but I think coupled with some more exercise, I will be ok.

I still haven’t got back into the Redbreast, something I’m going to have to do this week, else I’ll fall to far behind on the reading challenge! I’m getting through Bones at a steady rate, I’m on episode 17 of Season 8, and given the lack of tv over the next few weeks as a result of the Olympics, I imagine I’ll have watched them all pretty soon! I think I’ll move onto re-watch Doctor Who next, but maybe will go for something shorter like Young Justice. Movie wise I watched two additional films last week, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the review of which is here, and The Three Musketeers, the review of which is forthcoming. I also went to see the Lego Movie last night, which I literally can’t recommend enough, a review will soon be up for that. I’m thinking that I’ll have to rewatch Wolf of Wall Street before I publish the review, its been a work in progress for so long I need to refresh my memory and get straight in there after a fresh watch.

I did buy a new guide to learn French, or more to the point back one with Kickstarter, which should be heading my way soon, so there is some – very slow – progress there. Seeing as the guide is by the same people who wrote the Lifehacker article I’m hoping for big things! I haven’t picked up the guitar since I dug it out the loft, so that challenge is definitely not going anywhere either…

So thats basically it for this week, very little achieved at all. Apologise for the selfie, taken at work this time, as you can see I look half zombified, but it was worth staying up late… Until next week then!


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