Update Five

Week 5 is down, and finished. The year is going by way too quick!

Well I already failed one challenge – I did not cook a new recipe before the end of January, so I may try and cook two or three this month to make up for it…. that kinda counts, I think… I did manage to try a new food/drink – which was Bovril. Kind of weird, like drinking gravy, but pretty nice.

Exercise wise most of the week was good, although the last few days I have lapsed on my sit ups and press ups – last night I was at a friends house (and also wasted) so that didn’t happen – I’ll make up for it this week with two sets of each. I still haven’t been running, but did play squash – where I seem to be slightly improving giving my games are lasting longer and I’m scoring higher… not enough to win, but we’re getting there!

As I mentioned, I was out last night for a friends birthday in Canterbury, which was a really good night out, as always, and also had the added bonus of being on the first weekend of February, which means my challenge of going out socially at least one a month is complete and we’re only two days in! At the same time that’s ruined this month for no drinking – but I’m going to attempt no fizzy drinks this month at all – something I almost managed last month, bar one. On the social note, I have also booked Amsterdam, which is something to look forward too – Easter weekend can’t come by fast enough!

My book reading has come to a bit of standstill, I have still moved no further with The Redbreast for some reason, something I intend to correct this week. I saw Lone Survivor Friday night, so I can tick one more film off the 30 to see at the cinema. It’s really good, and I think when I have read the 7 books of #6, I intend to buy and read the book its based on. I didn’t get the opportunity to watch any movies from my collection this week as work involved me doing work and not looking at a screen – but I did get the chance to finish up some reviews; the ones for 21, Austenland, (500) Days of Summer, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Lone Survivor are all up, and I only have Wolf of Wall Street left to write now.

In other news, I am now on the eigth season of Bones, so only one and half left now. The financial challenges continue on – though having booked a holiday I have increased my debt this week as opposed to decreasing it! I also bought myself one game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist which I am yet to play, but I have to to finish it as it now counts against me if I don’t…

That’s basically it for this weeks update. Find the selfie below, of me looking knackered after a night out…. you’ll hopefully see that I had my haircut too, so apparently taking selfies to guilt myself into Barber’s visits is working – although, as always, I am unsure on the cut itself, I dislike the barbers as I’ll go in with no idea of what I want and always end up with a variety of random styles… Anyway, until next week…


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