Update Four

So four weeks in now, and nothing really new to report… I’m still chugging on through, seems like the first month has gone by way too fast – although I’ve still got till Friday to try a new food and attempt a new recipe, which gives me some hope, else I’ve already failed two challenges!

Amsterdam looks to be happening – and everyone is in, hopefully that will be organised tomorrow – no doubt meaning my debt will increase for a little, but generally speaking my debt is slowly decreasing, as the financial challenges continue. Learning French, and the guitar, have somewhat been placed on the backburner, as I have been pretty busy throughout the week – and this weekend rediscovered Pokemon on an emulator for my phone, which took up hours of my time before I even realised it… The same goes with my reading, unfortunately, I am well behind on that quota, having only finished the first chapter of The Red Breast.

Good news then? Exercise wise I am slogging on, and while the run total still sits at 3.5 miles out of a desired 520, I am hoping that this will change as soon as the evenings get lighter – if I up the distance steadily I should be able to make up the missing miles. In theory at least :/ Press ups and sit ups are going much better, though that is probably more to do with the fact I don’t have to go outside and brave the elements to do them! I’m still eating healthy – although I did go to Pizza Express twice this week, in general my meals have been low calorie, and I’ve managed my five each day.

I’m still getting through the TV and Films, now on Season 7 of Bones, and have began to start watching my films alphabetically – figuring this way I don’t have to flit about so much. The first 3 in this order, that I watched this week, being: 21 (review) 500 Days of Summer and Austenland. I have also been to the cinema twice this week, to see Wolf of Wall Street and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and I caught Justice League: War and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm on VOD aswell. I’m hoping reviews for all of these will be up by mid-week, all though maybe not in the order I viewed them.

Essentially then, I’m still slogging on, and getting through the challenges slowly – though, as ever, I need to pull my finger out a bit more where the exercise is concerned! Oh and before I forget, here’s a lovely selfie of me looking Beautiful as ever shattered at 1am. Haircut incoming… hopefully before this weekend, where I am meant to be hitting up Canterbury, and maybe ticking off a few more of my challenges!


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