Update Three

Apparently three weeks in is where most New Year’s Resolutions fail, this is the time the gyms starts emptying out, cigarette and alcohol sales increase, and fast food restaruants see a boom in customers… So taking all that into consideration, how have I managed this week? Ok…

The money challenges are ongoing and so far I haven’t run into any complications with them! I have started to learn the phonetic alphabet, using the videos of fluent-forever, and have been using the Duolingo app to brush up on my vocabulary. Its still very early days yet, but at least some progress is being made! The videos on fluent-forever are both useful and interesting – I never realised quite how you make the sounds for vowels and consonants in such a specific manner, but do so unconsciously. I also discovered there are both an acoustic and electric guitar in the roof, so can get to learning how to play them/ruining the guitarfor everyone who lives here forever, in this coming week.

Movie and TV wise, I have three more movie reviews written up, (Last Vegas, Back in the Day, and In A World…) and am slowly going through my collection, although most of the films I have watched so far are newer releases – something I aim to change throughout this week, watching films from the past few years I have always meant to watch but never got round too, Pulp Fiction and Memento just two examples. As for TV, I am steadily catching up on Bones, reaching the mid-point of the sixth season, nearly two-thirds of the way through…

I also finished the excellent Two Brothers, the review here, and have started the next book in the pile, The Redbreast. Hopefully a review will be up next week – I need to be reading more to get a headstart to allow for some of the longer books I intend to read taking a lot more than a single week, especially if I intend to read 52 this year!

Fitness wise I’ve been very lax again, I have not been running since last week, and have not played squash either – although we are playing twice this week, on Monday and Thursday, to make up for this. I am still doing the press ups and sit ups, and have been making good progress there, but as for anything else physical it hasn’t really happened yet… Although I have found a download of the Insanity programme that Rob has been doing, which I aim to start as soon as I find some place I can do it which will give me both the room and a locked door so no-one can laugh at me….

I am still eating healthily, bar a Dominos today for guilty pleasure – and have lost a couple of pounds as a result. I am also happy to have gone another week without anything fizzy, which is good! Especially given we all went out last night for my sisters birthday – beer doesn’t count, I’m only counting soft fizzy drinks, like coke, not lager! This also gives me another thing to mark off, on number 47. Progress is being made on a Amsterdam trip too, which should hopefully take place over the Easter Weekend.

So still making progress, though it looks to be someway before I complete any one of these challenges! Hopefully this time next week I’ll actually have done more than three and a half miles that currently stands rather pitifully next to the 525 total I aim for by years end…. Oh and of course, here is the obligatory selfie – a haircut didn’t happen this week, so maybe next time…. Until then, have a picture of my horrible mug to cheer you up/scare you 🙂


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