Back In The Day (2014)

Back in the Day

Michael Rosenbaum’s proves his writing and directing ability with debut feature film, Back in the Day, a homecoming comedy with just the right amount of charm.

First thing to say, I was impressed with Rosenbaum’s debut. The story, of a man returning to his hometown for his reunion after ten years, to reconnect with the one who got away, is nothing new – but I found myself really connecting to the protagonist, mostly because just like Jim, I am still finding my place in the world.

The story may be formulaic, but the humour and characters make up for this, the chemistry between Rosenbaum’s Jim and his three high-school buddies makes the friendship believable, and while the humour is mostly crass, and definitely isn’t for everyone – most of it extremely low brow – but it made me laugh out loud, and I was rarely left without a smile on my face. If you liked the American Pie series, there is little that you will not laugh at here.

There is a certain charm to Back In The Day, as we see Jim grow up from a man child to a responsible adult, realising that he is in his thirties, and hijinks which would see him receive a slap on the wrists as a teenager will land him in serious trouble here. Watching Jim realise that his place isn’t his hometown with his friends, no matter how much he wants it to be – he left this town when he was younger, and while he may not have moved on, the world around him has.

Despite a familiar story, Back In The Day wins out through its charm, and humour, and while it’s not for everyone, I was left entertained for an hour and a half. 5/10

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