Last Vegas (2013)

Last Vegas

Bringing together veteran actors Kevin Kline, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas star in this Las Vegas comedy, but is it more than a Hangover clone for the older crowd?

The answer is not as simple as yes or no – its somewhere inbetween. While most ‘Going to Vegas’ movies are likely to be tainted by the success of the Hangover Trilogy, original storylines and characters will alleviate this. Last Vegas doesn’t stand too far from the Hangover here – the story is about 4 old friends going to Vegas for a bachelor party. While the characters are different enough from the Wolfpack, the story outline is a bit closer to the mark, we still have the Vegas madness – this time instead of a stripper it’s a lounge singer. It does separate itself slightly in the end, and adds melodrama with one of the old friends refusing to speak to another – but ultimately does come off as a Hangover for OAPs, following the same formula.

All that said, this isn’t a bad thing. While the cast aren’t going to see any awards for Last Vegas the ensemble put in excellent performances, Morgan Freeman especially as he drunkenly decides whether or not to dance. The supporting cast are just as good – Jerry Ferrara of Entourage fame stands out in particular, and the scene where he finds out just who the foursome are, (Not to spoil it) is brilliantly played, and one of the comic highlights. The hotel concierge, Lonnie, played by Romany Malco, Michael Ealy as Freeman’s overworrysome son Ezra, and Mary Steenburgen as the aforementioned lounge singer, also stick out. There are no casting complaints, and with a few well placed cameos thrown in, the audience is really in for a treat.

The jokes are constant, and mostly hit home – all the main actors have excellent comic timing, and more than that – are having fun. You can sense that everyone making the film had a good time, and this transfers to the audience.

The fish out of water scenario does ware off a little quick, but despite that, Last Vegas sill remains a good film, with just enough underlying drama to keep a slight edge to the proceedings, and while somewhat formulaic – the Hangover influence never truly being thrown off, the comedy, heart and general sense of fun is enough to leave a smile on your face. 7/10

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