Update Two

So the first full week down, and what do I have to show for it? A bunch of reviews under the belt, and progress on several challenges….

First up, I finished and reviewed my first book of 2014, Star Wars: Scoundrels, and started the second, Ben Elton’s Two Brothers – which I am hoping to finish mid-week. I also watched another 5 movies from my collection – two of which were BAFTA nominated, (Frozen and American Hustle) so that’s two challenges down in one! After finding Short Circuit on iPlayer I watched and reviewed that too. I’m finding it quite enjoyable to review the films, although I think I need to buy a thesaurus, I find myself using the same words and phrases way too much…  I’m also finding some great movies I previously missed, like Her, which is one of the best movies I have seen in the last year.

On the healthy eating side things are going ok… I have been trying to eat less crap but the abundance of biscuits in the house isn’t helping that much. This week I am going to be more disciplined – though I am proud of myself for only having one fizzy drink since starting this challenge. I have been keeping up with the sit ups and press ups prior to bed – 15 of each, although I am thinking of raising this to thirty, or fifteen of each in the morning and fifteen of each at night. I also went on my first run yesterday, doing 3.5 miles (Which means I have a lot of my 10 mile a week target to make up on.) I used the Zombies, Run! App which is quite good, it ‘gamifies’ my run by playing out a story with my mp3s in between, picking up equipment that I can use to reinforce my base in the app. It also adds in Zombie chases, in which I essentially have to sprint away from Zombies, else lose the equipment I have picked up, along with gps and incline tracking. The voice acting is surprisingly good, and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

I have decided on both the language and song I hope to learn by the end of the year – Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World, and French…. How successful I am remains to be seen. Progress has been made in the way of holidays, and my debt contains to fall, rather happily I might add!

Oh yeah, a selfie… Definitely getting to the stage where I need a haircut again, so hopefully will get that done in the next week or two, else I’ll look even more of a mess. It’s at the end, looking scary as always.

So some progress – though next week is where I hope to make the most of it, I want to really pull out the stops on the running next week, going out at least three times. Until then however….


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