Update One

Week 1 Or is that Week 0.5…

So this is my first real update on the status of my challenges, which are currently under way. I have updated the main list, in blue, to reflect my progress this week, which includes finishing one game from my steam library, watching, and reviewing, three films, and getting to the fourth season of Bones… Not exactly got that far with anything that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen, but its a start!

I found reviewing the films quite hard, because I found the line between too many spoilers, and talking about the key points without a in depth plot synopsis, quite difficult. I definitely succeeded in making them at least a paragraph long, between the three reviews I wrote yesterday, there are over 2000 words! I hope that as I write more I will ramble on slightly less, making them more to the point! I’m planning to see American Hustle tomorrow night so shall put up a review shortly after.

On the fitness front I’ve started trying to eat less crap, limiting myself to a single fizzy drink a week is so far going great, and so far I’ve been getting my 5 day. After clearing up my bedroom floor, I’ve been doing the fifteen push ups and sit ups before bed successfully, and have decided to start running again from next (this) week, the first run being either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on what time I get home from work. Thanks to the BBC’s Click I discovered Zombies, Run! which looks like it might be quite entertaining… I’ll guess I’ll find out next week!

I sorted out some direct debits and standing orders to take care of the money challenges, so, if nothing else, and saving losing all my income, I should have two challenges complete by the end of the year!  I haven’t marked these challenges in blue, or updated them, as with the fizzy drink challenges and others, they are ongoing challenges which I can’t easily mark off – so I guess its a case of updating when/if they’re done.

So that is what I have succeeded in, meanwhile I have made some progress in thinking about the other 52: I have several more books lined up, next to read are Ben Elton’s Two Brothers, and Jo Nesbo’s The Redbreast. As soon as I finish Scoundrels. I have began making a decision on #50 determining the song to hopefully be something by Jimmy Eat World, as they are probably my favourite band, though I have no idea how hard any of their tunes are! Additionally I am starting to whittle down my choice of language for #51, which will either be French or German, most likely French as I hope to return to the French Alps skiing later this year so hopefully I will have the opportunity to practice my (assumed) skills.

I think that’s about it for a summary this week, other than the selfie, which will show just how horribly unphotogenic I am…. As you can see from how my head looks horribly misshapen, and how much I look like a deer in the headlights… either way, I said I’d do it, so I have. A warning if you want your monitor to stay crack free – don’t enlarge it!


So until next week, or the next review I post!

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