15in15: The List

52in14 was too many, so I’m trying 15in15…

  1. Continue with the saving goals set out in 2014.
  2. Apply for at least one job a month, in attempt to start career, even if it doesn’t seem it will happen, there’s no harm in sending in an application! (0/12)
  3. Get fit in preparation for the Nuts Challenge in March, Tough Mudder London West in May, and Tough Mudder London South in September. (Take photos/keep diary to show progress?)
  4. Beat the targets reached last year
  5. Drink less on nights out to make less of a fool of yourself. My birthday is the exception as I will be 25, and a milestone like that is an excuse to get wasted 😛
  6. Book a trainee diving experience in the summer in order to prepare for a potential diving holiday later this year
  7. Read the books from the 52in14 list – or at least 3 of them!
  8. Do weekly water changes on Fish Tank, and Monthly Filter Cleans – exception if away for a week or more, do a major water change before leaving and on return (0/52) (0/12)
  9. Cut down on shit food
  10. Try to meet with friends socially at least once a month
  11. Complete Season 2 and 3 of Zombies, Run!
  12. Watch at least 24 films at the cinema using Unlimited Card to make the most of membership (3/24)
  13. Pay off debt, don’t let it get so high again!
  14. Begin saving to move out
  15. Properly try on-line dating

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